Cinema Review | Watching ‘The Predator’ in 3D is literally dark in Glorietta Cinema 1

This is not a review of “The Predator” but rather of the cinema that played it in 3D during the advance screening. 

The movie was literally dark in Glorietta 4 Cinema 1 and I would always had to ask the blogger next to me which character died in the scene I can barely see. It was so hard to make sense of what was happening.

Projectionists should display the movie with proper lumens by increasing its brightness. The downside for cinemas though is that this will decrease the longevity of their projector bulbs. Cinemas have to make a conscious choice — people want to be able to see their movies and get what they paid for.

I hope Glorietta would fix the brightness of its 3D film before it opens today.

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