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REVIEW | Lightyear

  [With mild spoilers] Space and time travel are the best story devices to highlight every terran’s obsession with regret. In the same vein - or should I say, orbit - of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar , Pixar and Disney’s Lightyear revolves around this central theme. It sees the titular hero Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans), a space captain with messiah complex, guilt-tripping himself for stranding a spaceship full of humans on a hostile planet. Having said that, the physics of the story was a bit confusing to me. I get that traveling without the hyperspeed in his test runs could take four years of his life but it went longer when he finally had the right formula to fuel his trip. There must be an explanation for this and I might have missed it, which is also quite telling how explicit or implicit the storytelling is. A rewatch perhaps is necessary. The second act reminds me of the tear-jerking sequence in Up , another critically acclaimed Pixar feature. Include in your movie-watching p

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