Japanese box office topper 'My Home Hero The Movie' coming July 12 exclusively to Disney+


After captivating audiences with its serialized adaptation of the hit manga series, the dramatic conclusion to the My Home Hero saga, My Home Hero The Movie arrives on July 12 exclusively on Disney+.

A thrilling conclusion to the popular crime thriller series, My Home Hero The Movie briefly topped Japan's box office and will once again take viewers back into the captivating world of the original series, with an expanded cast and the original actors reprising their roles. 

A live-action adaptation of the hit Kodansha manga series of the same name, the original My Home Hero series saw unremarkable businessman Tetsuo Tosu evade imprisonment after killing his daughter's abusive boyfriend. The series followed Tetsuo as he used knowledge gained from years of reading mystery novels to throw the police off his scent and handle gang leader Kyoichi Majima. 

Set seven years after the dramatic conclusion to the Disney+ series, My Home Hero The Movie opens with a landslide uncovering the hidden body of the daughter's boyfriend. With a whole host of fresh evidence for their investigation, police officers led by Tetsuo's daughter, Detective Reika Tosu begin to put the pieces together, drawing ever closer to uncovering what Tetsuo did all those years ago. With both police and local gangsters once again hunting for the murderer, will Tetsuo be smart enough to evade capture again or will he finally pay for what he did?

Starring Kuranosuke Sasaki (The Black Swindler, Don't Call it Mystery) as businessman Tetsuo Tosu; Asuka Saito (Side By Side) as daughter and new detective Reika Tosu; Tae Kimura (Involvement in Family Affairs, 24 Japan) as Tetsuo's wife Kasen, and Kyohei Takahashi (Naniwa Danshi) as Kyoichi Majima, My Home Hero The Movie also features an expanded cast including popular voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda, Ryubi Miyase, Danshun Tatekawa, Toshiyuki Itakura, Shunsuke Daito, Shou Nishigaki and Shunya Kaneko.

Stream the dramatic conclusion to this thrilling saga from July 12 exclusively on Disney+.

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