New 'Magic Knight Rayearth' anime in the works


Heads up, '90s kids!

In celebration of the franchise's 30th anniversary, a new Magic Knight Rayearth anime project is in the works from CLAMP. 

The all-female Japanese mangaka group has posted a teaser video of the project. But details on the animation studio, voice cast, and release date are not yet available as of posting.

The 49-episode animated adaptation of Magic Knight Rayearth was shown on ABS-CBN in 1996, and later on GMA in 2001.

An amalgam of isekai (parallel world), mecha, and sword-and-sorcery genres, it centers on three eighth-grade girls transported to an alien planet Cephiro to rescue a princess. The first season revealed that the princess they were rescuing was behind the near-destruction of the planet. The second season sees other planets invading the now-vulnerable Cephiro.