Hazel Faith and Jericho Arceo talk about their Christmas collab and holiday memories


Hazel Faith and Jericho Arceo just dropped your new favorite Christmas bop, “Pasko Kasama Mo” (via Waterwalk Records and Sony Music Entertainment), a colorful and upbeat tune that wouldn’t be out of place if it was blasted during the endless parties and reunions. The song talks about what makes the Pinoy Christmas experience so darn awesome (hello, bibingka!) and even highlights the true meaning of the holiday season in a more religious sense. (Yes, it’s a legit party song about putting Christ back in Christmas!) 

Hazel shared that “Pasko Kasama Mo” started out as a catchy tune that kept playing inside her head on repeat before she finally hunkered down and wrote it all out. It took her a few weeks to polish and finalize the music and lyrics with the help of award-winning songwriter Jungee Marcelo. 

To amp up the vibes of the holiday track, rapper Jericho Arceo was brought on to add some epic bars. Hazel talked about the collaborative experience sharing, “[Si Jericho,] marami siyang nadagdag na ang sarap [pakinggan] kasi nabusog niya ’yung 8 bars, nabuo ’yung kwento and idea.”

Jericho added, “Sobrang saya din dahil si Ate Hazel is very hands-on talaga na per line, she really checks the lyrics. Maganda ’yung sa part ko na may kwento [akong sinusundan] para connected na [ang bars] sa message ng buong song.”

“Pasko Kasama Mo” is poised to become another Christmas staple much like how certain meals are mainstays during seasonal gatherings. When asked which holiday food they would compare the song to, Jericho asked, “It [gives] warm and familial vibes pero kapag pinakinggan mo, meaty siya. So, ano ’yung magaan sa labas at maulam sa loob?” 

Hazel answered, “Bibingka has this egg [in the middle] and I love the idea that Christ is the center of this fluffy, masarap na [snack].”

Both artists also took inspiration from their own love for the season. Jericho said, “Ako, [excited ako about] every Christmas, because I look forward to the food. Forda food ang ferzown! I love every Christmas moment. Kita naman! Kita naman ’yung…gifts. Haha!”   

And jokingly added, “Bless ako nang bless kasi alam mo ’yung goal ko ang kulay blue na papel tapos malutong.” 

Then said, “Pero dahil may Pasko, [dapat] kasama si Jesus.” 

Hazel shared, “We spend [Christmas] with our pinsans and we would have board games. That was always fun!”

She added another memory, “Last [year] was one of my favorite Christmases kasi na-achieve ko ang dream ko na pinag-pray ko kay Lord. Going to church with my husband [Caleb Santos]. You’re with your family, you’re with Jesus so that was super special for me.”

Hazel Faith is looking forward to people singing along to her Christmas song and excitedly shared, “The elders in our church have already said that they might perform it for our Christmas party. Sila pa ’yung, ‘Tara, sasayawin natin ’yan!’ Sabi ko, ‘Good luck po sa mga mag-rarap.’ Haha!”

You can now add “Pasko Kasama Mo” to your Christmas playlist here and check out the animated music videos below. 

“Pasko Kasama Mo” Lyric Video: Hazel Faith - Pasko Kasama Mo (Official Lyric Video) ft. Jericho Arceo

“Pasko Kasama Mo” Instrumental Video: Pasko Kasama Mo (Instrumental Version)

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