Careless Music’s Lesha releases music video for '3:33'


Lesha has just released her first music video for her single 3:33 under Careless Music.

Newly signed artist of Careless Music Lesha just dropped the music video for her first single under the label entitled 3:33. The video features Lesha singing while navigating through a CGI labyrinth with renowned dance group A-Team also providing visual movement to supplement the story of the video.

Being her own director and producer in all of her past music videos, Lesha expressed her relief when the Careless team took over in producing the video. “I’ve been so used to project managing everything during my previous MV shoots but this time I finally was able to relax a bit and let the team handle things. It was so refreshing not having to worry about anything else other than being the talent,” shared Lesha.

The conceptualization and execution of a CGI labyrinth was a collaborative effort between Lesha and the Careless Music team. The music video’s director Henz shared that the concept of the video was based on the lyrics “I’m on my way, I’m getting out of this maze.”

Watch the music video below.