Celebrate Philippine history and culture at the City of Firsts


Araneta City marks 124th Independence Day with celebration of PH heritage

This June 12, our country will mark its 124th Independence Day. Aside from looking back at the hard work of our heroes to emancipate our people and our nation, it is also a time to celebrate our rich and diverse culture. 

The Philippines is bustling and thriving with a variety of traditions and cultures that are waiting to be explored. From visual art to performances and even food, our country is bursting with riches to offer. To help us better appreciate the beauty of Philippine culture, Araneta City is marking this year’s Independence Day with offers and events under the theme Kasarinlan; Likha at Talento. 

Here are some things that you can do at the City of Firsts in time for Independence Day: 

1. Be free to show-off your Pinoy Pride.

Show the world how proud you are about our history, culture, and heritage. Strike a pose in front of the giant #ProudPinoy installation in Gateway Mall and show off your selfies or groufies on social media. 

A Freedom Wall is also found at the Ali Mall MacArthur Lobby Entrance that will help you share to the world why you love the Philippines, complete the phrase “Ano ang iyong hangad sa bansang Pilipinas?” from June 11 to 17 to show the world how much you care for our country. You can also do this via your own social media feed. Just check out the mechanics on Araneta City’s Facebook page. 

2. Be free to celebrate Philippine culture.

From Luzon, Visayas, and down to Mindanao, we can find a variety of music, dances, and even textiles that bring color to the very fabric of our identity as Filipinos. Araneta City is celebrating all of these through various events. 

First is the Tela Pilipinas Exhibit that is happening from June 12 to 17 at the Gateway Mall Activity Area. The event is organized by the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and will showcase Philippine tropical fabrics and other textile products of the country. 

On June 11, get ready to feel nationalistic with Filipino music through the Kasarinlan Mall Concert happening at the Ali Mall Activity Area. Feel free to witness the performances of OPM band Nobita and the Banda Kawayan Pilipinas, and be part of different games for an afternoon of pure fun and entertainment.

Then on June 12, enjoy the Sayaw Pinoy performances by the Quezon City Performing Arts Development Foundation, Inc. at the Gateway Mall Activity Area (as part of the Tela Pilipinas Exhibit Ribbon Cutting ceremony), and the Musikang Pinoy performances by the Banda Kawayan Pilipinas at the Farmers Plaza Activity Area. 

3. Be free to embrace art.

For art aficionados, a live mural painting will take place at Ali Mall on June 9. The activity, which will be held in partnership with Gateway Gallery, will have the theme Kamalayan sa Kalayaan and a time-lapse video will be produced out of the mural painting workshop. Araneta City-zens on social media can also join the activity by posing beside the mural, uploading the photo on social media, and completing the caption with the phrase "Pilipinas, ang sarap mong mahalin dahil..” The best photos with the most stirring captions will take home amazing prizes. 

You can bring home some proudly Pinoy products at the Sinag Art Fair at the Ali Mall MacArthur lobby entrance from June 11 to 17. You can find paintings and other forms of visual art created by Filipino artists, children’s books, merchandise that reflect Filipino artistry, and other gift items.

And for geography and map geeks, the Gateway Gallery is set to open The Maps to Freedom exhibit. Check out the exhibit for free from June 12 to July 12.

4. Be free to receive freebies.

When you dine out at Food Express, Food Plaza, Food Gallery, and Dampa from June 12 to June 19, you can Try the New Lemon-Dou drink for free! Get a free can of Lemon-Dou (Signature Lemon, Honey Lemon or Devil Lemon) for every ₱260 single or accumulated receipt and raise a glass to our Independence!