New and returning titles on Netflix this February


Genre fans, get ready to geek out on Netflix this February!

Don't miss Child of Kamiari Month, an anime fantasy film, and horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a direct sequel to the 1974 cult favorite about the chainsaw-wielding baddie, Leatherface. Got time to kill? Dungeon Dwarves, a new Netflix game is coming soon.

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger too on Netflix! Follow the mission of superpowered assassin Kai in the Wu Assassins film Fistful of Vengeance. In Time, former assassins find purpose by helping the elderly. In Qin Empire: Alliance, a ruler from the warring states period enacts bold reforms that transform China.

This Love Month, watch out also for new romantic Korean titles such as Forecasting Love and Weather, Twenty Five Twenty One, Business Proposal and Love and Leashes. Other new titles dropping in February are Inventing Anna from Shondaland, Space Force: Season 2, the star-studded Murderville (Will Arnett, Conan O'Brien, Sharon Stone) and Filipino titles Love vs Stars and Gen Z

 All dates are subject to change without prior notice.