Review | Xiaomi Mi TV P1: The best TV for those who miss watching in cinemas


While theaters have been allowed to operate now, we’re not exactly out of the woods yet. Yes, there are movies best watched on IMAX - case in point, when Dune Part 1 was made available in theaters, I traveled all the way to Las Piñas to watch it at the only operational IMAX in Metro Manila. Others though do not have this kind of luxury, especially when you live with people who are vulnerable to the virus.

Right now, the safest way is to get a good TV that brings the experience of cinemas. I had the privilege of testing out the new 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV P1 for a week. It was supposed to be a couple of weeks but I had to move to another city. Yet still using it for a few days convinced me this is a good buy for those wanting to upgrade their viewing experience.

The most obvious reason you’d be getting your money’s worth is the screen size. Xiaomi Mi TV P1 comes with a variety of screen size options ranging from 55’’, 50’’, 43’’, to a standard 32’’. The item I got was the widest - the 55-inch one. I enjoyed streaming Netflix movies with its first-class picture quality with 4K resolution. It also has Dolby Vision which ensures better visuals when you play your BluRays on it. As for the audio, you would really be immersed in the movies you would be watching because it both supports DTS and Dolby Surround.

But what I love most about the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 is you can easily integrate your streaming services and YouTube account for easier access. Because I also had to return the item, it was also convenient for me to delete my account details on the TV. 

So if you’re looking for a new TV for you and your family to enjoy, I recommend you add Xiaomi Mi TV P1 to your shopping list. Bring the experience of movie watching we all have missed to your home.

Mi TV P1 Series 55’’, 50’’, 43’’, ad 32’’ are available for purchase at ₱24,990, ₱22,990, ₱18,990, and ₱10,990 respectively.