REVIEW | No Time To Die


No Time To Die, the fifth and final film in Daniel Craig’s iteration of Agent 007,  James Bond did a spectacular job in closing the spy saga the millennials grew up watching. By having another villain target his own rogue's gallery, it makes the viewers doubt if Bond's methods have been outdated all along. Still, they would find themselves rooting for the spy in his final, yet most emotional, adventure, an unpredictable exit that makes Craig's Bond series stand out among its predecessors.

The movie is riddled with references from previous Bond films. This includes a homage to the car ride of Bond and his newlywed wife from the 1969 spy film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, starred by one-time Bond actor George Lazenby. No Time To Die builds on the ending of the aforementioned film and takes a surprising twist.

These easter eggs might be fun for longtime Bond fans but I would not say the same thing for viewers who are only stepping in the franchise. No Time To Die picks up subplots from Casino Royale and Spectre, and it will be best for the uninitiated to watch all Craig Bond movies first.

The movie’s big bad - Rami Malek’s Lyutsifer Safin - had too little screen time to make a mark as a worthy adversary to Bond. Yet still, the character delivered the most devastating blow to Bond, emotionally and physically. 

There’s no more time to wait for this ultimate chapter of Agent 007. Head now to the cinemas to watch No Time To Die.

Rating: 8.5/10