Google, National Privacy Commission launch 'Kabataang Digital' campaign on YouTube


Google joins the National Privacy Commission (NPC) in launching Kabataang Digital, a local advocacy campaign that enjoins parents and educators in promoting a safe online environment for the youth. 

YouTube, together with content creators, will serve as the project’s main platform, focused on digital citizenship, online safety, and children’s data privacy rights protection. 

"Globally, about 81% of children go online before they turn two years old. Despite the increasing awareness on data privacy rights, it is important to further strengthen efforts in leading our citizens towards digital responsibility," said Raymund Liboro, National Privacy Commissioner. "We hope that through the Kabataang Digital campaign supported by Google, we are able to educate more netizens especially the youth about digital responsibility through the power of YouTube and its community of creators."

“Protecting youth and assisting them to become responsible and confident explorers of the internet are critical to Google. We are glad to be supporting the Kabataang Digital campaign in partnership with the National Privacy Commission in enabling our youth to live healthy, positive digital habits centered around data privacy rights and principles,” said Michael Rose, Privacy Lead, Google APAC.

The official Kabataang Digital YouTube channel will creatively tackle topics on responsible digital citizenship, value of protecting personal identifiable information (PII), and the role of parents in safeguarding their child’s data privacy. 

YouTube creators Raya Maurelle, Madam Ely, and Bianca Gonzalez are among the first creators who will be contributing videos to the channel, covering topics under the said themes. 

Teenage creator Raya Maurelle who believes that social media is an extension of her personality said, “It is a space where the youth, like me, can freely express themselves, share their lives, and connect with others. However, when done excessively and without caution, this can make us more susceptible to the risks and dangers of the digital space.”

Madam Ely shared, “It is very important to educate the youth about privacy because this will empower them to be more vigilant online. The creator community, through their content, can help a lot in disseminating vital information about data privacy to their young viewers.”

Longtime television host, mom of two, and content creator behind the Paano ‘Ba To series, Bianca Gonzalez expressed her gratitude to be part of the campaign. “I am honored to be part of this effort to help spread information on the risks on the internet and how we can better protect ourselves. This is something we shouldn’t stop talking about, this is something we need to keep sharing because we all deserve to be protected online—and we can do that by working together.”  

Aside from its YouTube channel, Kabataang Digital will have its own website where other content will be available including interactive games for children. Google is also supporting "Safe Space", a privacy book for the youth created by CANVAS, commissioned by Globe Telecom in partnership with the National Privacy Commission.

Kabataang Digital is under NPC’s Privacy, Safety, Security, and Trust Online (PSST!) campaign which emphasizes the role of online users in creating a digital space conducive to privacy, safety, security, and trust. 

Help children start their safe online journey and learn how to become smart digital citizens by subscribing to the Kabataang Digital YouTube channel now!