Review | ‘Ready or Not’ turns survival horror on its head

Can you shriek and laugh at the same time? Yes, you can if you pick “Ready or Not” as your weekend movie.

Marketed as a bride-versus-in-laws thriller, "Ready or Not" revolves around the family tradition of playing a game to welcome the new member of the Le Domas clan. Depending on the kind of card he or she picks, the game can have deadly repercussions.

And as the trailer has shown, the bride Grace (Samara Weaving) picks the wrong card and has to survive against his husband’s family before the sun rises.

The premise is already sick to come in terms with but it delivers a satisfying explosive twist that I did not see coming. Radio Silence - the filmmaking trio comprised of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, and executive producer Chad Villella - created a fantastic, wicked black comedy that should be categorized alongside Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s critically acclaimed "The Cabin in the Woods". 

"Ready or Not" wants to do more than provide screams and giggles. It satirizes the rich who literally and figuratively has low regard for the commoners. Unfortunately for the Le Domas, Grace is a fighter. Weaving is so great in her role and handles terror with grace. The rest of the Le Domas clan could also be cast for Addams Family, eccentric, funny yet terrifying.

It is hard to discuss the movie more without spoiling. You have to enjoy the ride yourself. To me, "Ready or Not" is one of the best horror-comedy films I’ve seen.

Rating: 9.5

The studio invited the reviewer to a private screening. “Ready or Not” is now showing in Philippine cinemas.