Pinoy blogs worth checking out

What’s happening to the blogosphere?

Blogging has never gotten so much bad press because of the proliferation of fake news. They have also been critiqued as a repository of press releases and branded content. It can also be unbearable when bloggers show off their privileges - posting a loot bag from a press con they barely covered, for example. Yes, some of them do not really add value to a follower or a reader.

But while there are bloggers who only exist to copy-paste PR materials, there are still bloggers who write and can write. I remember raising an eyebrow when a veteran journalist would look down on bloggers in general. So maybe we should talk more about those blogs worth checking out?

Here are seven of them:

He may have the kanto humor that could beat Joker’s, but Reyview’s secret identity reminds me more of Bruce Wayne. Always seen wearing a button-down shirt, this young businessman is the least person you’d think to write funny reviews on his site. Trust me, his blog will help you beat the blues.

This is not a sponsored post but yes, he owns one of the largest licensed shirt businesses in the country, SuperheroTees.

Film Police Reviews is on the extreme opposite of Reyview in the field of movie blogging.

There was a bit of drama to what happened to the original owners of the site, but Film Police Reviews is now in the good hands of Rappler content producer Tristan Zinampan, who writes and edits the film blog. The reviews here are more academic and technical. I can imagine Tristan revising this paragraph at this very moment to make the description sound more intellectual.

RC Mercene’s Pinoy Guy Guide is a holistic blog for men. Fashion and dating tips may be taboo for a number of straight men, but PGG has literally formed a brotherhood around the topics relevant to them. He started the site as a single guy, so expect it to be a daddy blog soon as he also grows up with his readers. Perhaps a handyman section is in the works?

I hate Earl Maghirang. 

Just kidding. Earl has set the bar for pop culture blogs, we all need to catch up. I enjoy how he spoils comics storylines on his site and beats me to breaking stories in the interwebs.

Mikael Francisco is an award-winning science journalist who blogs about pop culture, science and grammar. I’m pretty sure he spotted a wrong preposition on this article. I find the voice in his writing authentic and that is what I love most about his blog. I am also a fan of his introspective pieces on his site.

The site owner, Raffy Leynes, is obviously a wrestling fan. What interests me more is his writings about the gaming industry, a niche not quite covered in the blogosphere. 

I also love the “In the Car After” Podcast, where he and his significant other, mostly discuss the movies they saw inside their car. Just make sure to drive safe, Raffy!

Another video gaming blog that is worth checking out is Sirus Gaming. There's a lot of hard work in rating and reviewing video games so kudos to this team for producing quality content.

I am sure there are a lot of awesome blogs out there. Let me know so I can add it to my blog list. Happy reading!


  1. Thank you Jerald! Similarly, I'm a big fan of your blog and also your Vlog! :) Keep b/vlogging!

    See you soon! Tagal na natin di nagkita! I hope makapag vlog na rin ako, but I love writing more. So I don't know hehehe.


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