Our Time on Earth Visualized in %

Did you know that the life expectancy rate of a male Filipino as of 2016 is 65.3 years?

If it's still accurate, that means I have lived 49% of my life.

Here's how you calculate it:

Male: [Age / 65.3] (100) =% life lived 
Female: [Age / 71] (100) =% life lived 
100 - % life lived = % life remaining

So realistically, I only have 51% of my life left here on Earth.


Of course, this is excluding other factors that could shorten or lengthen my life - health, lifestyle, zombie apocalypse, Altered Carbon etc.

But I only have 51% left here?

I may die earlier but it gives me a concrete perspective that life is short.

This is why I can easily let go of the things or people that make me upset. Why are we giving space and time for people who hurt us, right? Or why are we letting our past imprison us when we can start living the rest of the time we have here?

I only have 51 +/- x % of life here. The clock is ticking.

You can also compare how much time is left for our loved ones. It makes loving them urgent and valued. When was the last time you hugged your mom and told her you love her?