‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Review | Musical-turned-Hostage Movie is the Weakest in the Trilogy

With spoilers

The last installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise starring an all-female a cappella group had me laughing my socks off, but the third one did not give the characters a graceful exit. This one hit a bum note.

Adding a subplot about an absent criminal father sounded desperate to keep the story going for the veteran Barden Bellas. The rest of the movie felt like the previous two movies were on replay, retreading the same jokes and sing-offs (or riff offs).

The third movie was similar to the plot of the second one, when the characters still felt limited to what their mouths could do. Basically, they aged the Barden Bellas and brought them to a tour around Europe. 

It lacked the magical moment brought by the Breakfast Club tribute in the first movie; and the performance of the original song Flashlight by Barden Bellas from different eras. In Pitch Perfect 3, Beca finally gets her moment on stage, albeit initially - but we already know that she’s so good and deserving to have her own shot at fame. So by the time this happens, viewers are not as excited about it as they should be.

Nevertheless, it’s a good popcorn movie. It gives a heartwarming message that family and friends should not hold you back, they should lift you up in pursuing your dreams.

Rating: 2/5

Pitch Perfect 3 is now showing in the Philippines


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