The Last Time I saw Amelyn Veloso

The last time I saw her - she was smiling at me and waving goodbye.

One early morning, I found myself sitting inside what seemed to the holding area for guests in CNN Philippines. I was there as publicist for the set artist of Finding Dory, scheduled for a taped interview on that day. My clients and co-publicists were stuck in traffic.

And then she entered the room. It had been six years since she last saw me as a reporter in TV5 so I called her, "Miss Amelyn!" She instantly flashed a megawatt smile, which had always seemed to lighten up any pressure-filled newsroom she was in. She asked what I was doing there and told her about the PR gig.

What happened next astounded me - she offered something to drink while I was waiting. 

"Ay, okay na po," I declined. 

"No, I'll have someone get you, water?" She insisted.

"Ah, okay po. Thanks."

She asked a personnel to get me a glass of water. I then congratulated her for being a senior anchor in CNN. She shared that the network also wanted the newscasters to cover stories and do field work, which satisfied her journo side.

At that time, I did not know she was battling (or battled) breast cancer. She vaguely told me that she had health issues but was now okay. I sensed there was a bit of sadness in her voice and did not dig more about it.

"Ms. Amelyn, sabi po nila, ang pain may kapalit na blessings. Prayers lang po 'yan," I said.

"Oo nga, tama ka," she spoke in her sweet voice.  

I then realized I was seated on the couch while Ms. Amelyn was standing the whole time. I apologized and asked her to sit beside me, but she said it was fine. I took the opportunity to take a selfie.

She then asked me, "Ayaw mo na ba (maging reporter uli)?"

I told her I was content at that time with the new line of work. But I felt Ms. Amelyn knew that former journalists miss the thrill of the job every now and then.

She excused herself when she had to talk to a male anchor - Andrei Felix. 

When she had to go, Ms. Amelyn called my name.

The last time I saw her - she was smiling at me and waving goodbye.