#TokuSpirits2017 | Bioman, Jetman, other sentai actors to meet fans in Manila

Sentai actors from Maskman, Jetman, Bioman, Fiveman, Turboranger and Dairanger are set to appear in #TokuSpirits2017 on Aug. 12-13 in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. 

  • Ryousuke Kaizu aka Red Mask of Maskman
  • Michiko Makino aka  Pink Five of Bioman
  • Kei Shindachiya aka  Five Blue of Fiveman
  • Kenta Satou aka  Red Turbo of Turboranger
  • Toshihide Wakamatsu aka  Black Condor of Jetman
  • Ei Hamura aka Tenmaranger of Dairanger

Watch the video of TokuSpirits 2017 announcing the guest lineup here

Details on ticketing will be made available on their Facebook page