Review | Beauty and the Beast

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a nostalgic trip to the childhood classic, adding layers to what were literally and figuratively two-dimensional characters from the 1991 animated feature. The antagonist, Gaston (Luke Evans), now a war veteran; his sidekick LeFou (Josh Gad) gay; and Belle (Emma Watson) and her father, Maurice (Kevin Kline), struggling to talk about what happened to Belle's absent mother.

Bringing in Alan Menken, the man who wrote the original songs 30 years ago, was a good decision. He created new heartwarming songs that add depth to the characters' personal journeys. A favorite is "How Does A Moment Last Forever," sung thrice in the movie - by Belle, Maurice and Celine Dion, the original singer of the Beauty and the Beast duet. 

Beauty and the Beast took the opportunity to improve on the classic animated film and it does succeed in enchanting the moviegoers. Adding a gay character also shows that Disney films have grown up while making sure the movie can still be enjoyed by all ages. In the Philippines, children get to watch Vice Ganda comedies, and Dolphy gay films before him, so it still surprises me that this is still an issue in my Facebook feed. It is also a good thing that MTRCB gave it a G rating. Beauty and the Beast, anyway, is at its core, about accepting people for who they really are.

All in all, Beauty and the Beast offers a lovely, never-to-be-missed movie experience, a tale as old as time, revamped with 2017 sensibilities.

Watch our quick review during the special screening last Monday below

Rating: 4/5