So you’re single. What are you doing about it?

Stop (whining) in the name of love. Photo by @aubreyablir

1. Go out. (Maybe not today. Traffic’s a hell).

As we age, our social circles shrink. People now tend to prioritize their families, graduate school, health or career. It can also be because we no longer want to be around toxic people who perhaps we have tolerated in our younger years. The workplace may not also be the best place to find love if company regulations prohibit dating your co-workers. So what do we do?

More chances of winning
Join interest groups. Would you believe that I met my ex-boyfriend in a comic book store? Hmmm…was that a good example? Anyway, I suggest that you do not focus on one community though, so you’re also expanding your network and support system. Accept invitations to a gym session or a concert where you don’t usually go. Get lost and be surprised who will find you.

2.  Reverse engineer what makes your idol cool.

How to be you po?

I have been following people on Instagram for fitspiration. Without sounding like a stalker, I keep track of their fitness routines and their diet; and then take note of what could work for me. I have also found on Instagram people who are passionate in their hobbies. Find out what makes them attractive and try replicating it. If it is something that can make you look, think and feel better, do it, without losing your identity.

3. Got a match? Ask him or her out on a date.

Everyone knows how to use the Tinder app. If you get a match, and you really, really like the person, ask him or her to meet you personally. I really don’t get why people would install the app and then chicken out when an apparent good looking guy chooses you. Go beyond the hi’s and hello’s.

If the person is hesitant to meet you, after you have disclosed enough info that you are not a mugger, then he or she may not really be into you or not seriously looking for a partner.

 "I can't be boughtbut I can be stolen with a glanceI'm worthless to onebut priceless to two."

I don’t have a fourth one because like many singletons, I am a work in progress. There is no science behind in finding the one. If I crack the code, I’ll send out a press release with infographics. I also had my share of heartbreaks, where I was not doing anything really wrong. It just happened that the others have not yet moved on from a past relationship.

It sucks being rejected, especially when you thought you are being directed to something happy. But that’s the way it is.  A lover won’t fall into your lap by staying online to post memes and hugot lines.

Studies show smiling can make people more attractive. 


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