LEGO Joker claims he's Batman's greatest enemy

The laughing lunatic. The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman’s greatest enemy. That’s how The Joker sees himself. With his white skin, green hair and constant grin, this unhinged leader of Gotham’s colorful criminal underworld has made it his life’s goal to cure the city of its all-so-serious gloom. He might break the law, but he really just wants to make people smile…and to rule the city…and to get Batman to finally admit that he is his greatest enemy. Is that too much for a Super-Villain to ask for?

Taking a break from terrorizing Gotham City, The Joker begrudgingly sits down for an interview to promote the upcoming adventure comedy The LEGO Batman Movie from Warner Animation Group.

Question: So, you’re one of Batman’s most hated enemies?

The Joker: I’m sorry? ‘One of’?

Q: Yes. You’re one of the many, many Super-Villains Batman fights in Gotham City. Are we missing something here?

The Joker: Yes! Look, Batman may ‘fight around’ with a bunch of Gotham’s B-through-Z list villains, but what we have is special! I’m not just ‘some bad guy.’ I’m his greatest enemy!

Q: So Batman refers to you as such? He calls you his ‘greatest enemy’?

The Joker: Well, I mean… not out loud. Or to my face. Or whenever I ask him to define our relationship by uttering those specific words directly to me. But he feels it deep down in his heart. And that’s what matters most.

Q: You’ve been trying to take over Gotham City for decades now. Why keep at it for all these years?

The Joker: That’s like asking, ‘Why does a clown make people laugh?’ – which I’m also uniquely qualified to answer since I’m both a clown and a respected humorist. But the truth is, I keep trying to take over Gotham because it’s what I love. And if it happens to get Batman’s attention once in a while and we spend a little more time together and he realizes how important I am in his life, then that’s all just an added plus.

Q: And what about your criminal associates? Do you have special connections with any of them?

The Joker: Harley Quinn is my best girl-buddy. And Riddler comes in handy whenever I’m doing the Sunday crossword. Bane’s pretty good at opening a pickle jar for me.

Q: We’ve heard you can be pretty mean to them sometimes.

The Joker: You mean like when I ditched them all, or called them ‘losers,’ or blamed them for every criminal shortcoming I’ve ever had? It’s called motivational speaking. They love that!

Q: Let’s go out on a positive note. Can you tell us a joke?

The Joker: Sure. What’s the difference between a piano and a fish? You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish! … What’s wrong? You’re not laughing…

Q: Sorry, we were supposed to? Is that the end of the joke?

The Joker: This interview is over!

The LEGO Batman Movie in the Philippines on Feb. 9, Thursday.