Interview with the LEGO Batman

Taking a break from saving Gotham City from crazy baddies, Batman does a sitdown interview to promote his upcoming adventure comedy The LEGO Batman Movie from Warner Animation Group.

A night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante and heavy metal rapping machine. Super Hero. Master Builder. Batman is all this and much more. He also always works alone.

Question: So, you’re the number one Super Hero in Gotham City?
Batman: I am. And the number one billionaire, and number one celebrity, and number one most eligible bachelor, and number one ab model, and number one humble-bragger.

Q: That’s very impressive. And who would you say is your number one bad guy?
Batman: Nobody. I fight lots of criminals, but no one who stands out to me in any way. Especially not someone who wears garish clown makeup, a cheap purple suit, and is totally obsessed with me.

Q: It sounds like you’re describing The Joker.
Batman: The what now? I’m not familiar with anyone by that name.

Q: What about your sidekicks? Describe your working relationships with Barbara Gordon and Robin.
Batman: They’re less ‘sidekicks’ and more ‘people who idolize Batman and are always telling me how awesome I am.’ And I respect that about them. They’re two of the best in the biz.

Q: But don’t you ever need help being a Super Hero and defending Gotham City?
Batman: Absolutely. Someone’s got to be there to have my protein smoothie and Lobster Thermidor ready when I get home from a hard night defending Gotham City against crime and chaos. That’s usually Alfred. And I need someone to do my laundry and dust all my super cool vehicles and tech. Again, that’s Alfred’s territory. But other than that, no. Batman works alone. That’s my motto! TM.

Q: We love your new Batmobile. Any chance you can take us for a ride?
Batman: Sure! Except there’s only one seat. And it’s specially designed to fit my exact dimensions and body contours. And I don’t want anyone messing with my radio presets. And Alfred just washed it. So, actually, no.

Q: You’ve been fighting crime for 78 years now, right? How do you stay so fit and young-looking?
Batman: First of all, thanks for noticing. *wink* And, second, I take care of myself. It’s a simple daily routine of thousands upon thousands of push-ups, a physically grueling core workout – that’s how I maintain this shredded 9-pack, thank you. Plus, I always make sure to get at least 15 minutes of sleep every afternoon.

Q: We’ve heard Gotham is getting a new police commissioner, Barbara Gordon. How do you plan on working together with her?
Batman: I’m sorry, what was that? Wooorrr-kkkingg to-gethhhh-er…? I’m not familiar with that phrase. You’ll have to explain it to me.

Q: It means being a part of a team. Relying on other people to help you accomplish a common goal.
Batman: Ohhhhhhh, I get it now. Sure-sure-sure. Yeah …. no, I won’t be doing that, with anyone, at any point, ever. Did you forget what my motto is?

Q: ‘Batman works alone’?
Batman: TM. Copyright Batman.

The LEGO Batman Movie opens on Feb. 9 in the Philippines.