REVIEW | ‘Moana’ is not a princess, but a rockin' heroine

Don’t confuse Moana with other Disney princesses that we have seen. Toys based on this Polynesian girl should fall under action figures, not dolls. She rocks as a heroine.

There are a lot of things to love about Moana - she dares to leave the comforts of being the daughter of the chieftain. She leads and seeks for solutions beyond the tumultuous reefs. 

The powerful message of self-identity can resonate to viewers. There is similarity to Frozen’s Elsa, who has embraced who she is. But unlike Moana, the reigning Disney favorite chose to isolate herself and build her ice kingdom. Even without powers, Moana takes responsibility to save her island from impending doom.

Moana’s companion, Maui, the demigod who can shapeshift into animals, for me, represents the prevalent macho culture. Maui underestimates the island girl, yet when equipped with the skills to survive and go on with her mission, it is Moana who emerges as stronger and secure.

The movie also mirrors real-life degradation of nature. We all know nature strikes back when something is amiss.

All in all, Moana sets the standards high for animated films. I hope to see girls rock with Moana costumes next Halloween.

Rating: 10/10

Moana is showing on Nov. 30 in the Philippines