‘A Second Chance’: A risk worth taking

Image from Star Cinema

Film studio Star Cinema has proven that an unnecessary sequel to the hit One More Chance was a risk worth taking, breaking records and beating Hollywood films during its initial run. Though it is no surprise that the studio’s films tend to be blockbusters, not all have met the standards of those with a critical eye. So is the aptly titled A Second Chance worth watching? I have to say, “Yes.”

Sure, it is an unnecessary sequel. But this means the first part, One More Chance, was a well-weaved film that stood on its own. People got the closure they needed when protagonists Popoy and Basha ended up together. The sequel may have been a product of fan service. Viewers drove to theaters because they wanted to know what happened next. Commercially, the filmmakers knew it would be a hit and the figures did not disappoint.

Setting aside with the capitalist aspect, the sequel was creatively done. “A Second Chance” threw out the usual happy endings films under Star Cinema was known for. The couple’s marriage was on the verge of collapsing. It was not the characters hoped to be nor the fans of this tandem.

I was actually worried that the movie would go formulaic. In retrospect, One More Chance was among the Star Cinema movies that used temporary distance between protagonists as resolution to conflicts. Just review the amount of films the studio made in late 2000s. They usually had that “Five months after” flash forwards where the characters meet again and renew their romance.

That’s what I loved about A Second Chance.  It steered away from the formula. Scene after scene, people were guessing what would happen next. 

If I am going to be nit-picky, the movie needed to work on some of its technical aspects. The audio or dubbing of lines’s volume were not maintained throughout the film. The product endorsements were still there, which may be either taken as breaking the fourth wall or something to be frown upon in moviemaking.

With this, I have a simple request to the filmmakers. Let Popoy and Basha be happy with their baby. Some stories are better left behind on a good note. 

Rating: 4/5