Review | Mad Max: Fury Road

Image from Warner Bros. Pictures

Critics have been raving about this post-apocalyptic movie so I will keep this short. Max Mad: Fury Road is a must-see flick if you're looking for an action movie that has substance.

I have not watched the previous Mad Max movies yet I still enjoyed it without the burden of its convoluted history. At the onset of the film, we are introduced to a post-nuclear wasteland where water is a luxury. The exposition can really weird out the viewers. But the audience's patience will pay off when the characters hit the "Fury Road."

Playing the titular character is Tom Hardy, a survivor from the old world. He pulls off as the paranoid, former cop -  a good replacement to Mel Gibson who opted not to reprise his role. But the movie's most compelling character is Charlize Theron's Imperator Furiosa, who displayed a wide range of emotions from being a strong-willed to a broken - both physically and emotionally, woman. 

Do yourself a favor and watch this film, which is now on my list of the greatest post-apocalyptic movies of all time.

Here's the trailer of  Mad Max: Fury Road: