Night of the Sentinels Artist Profile: Jether Amar

Jether Amar may be a man of few words, but that's because his creative projects scream perfection. Jether has dabbled in indie comics, art exhibits and even alternative music. He works full time as an animator and art director for various commercials and music videos like Yeng Constantino's Chinito and Sarah Geronimo's Tayo.

This Saturday, May 31, he will be sketching at Kapow Universe's Night of the Sentinels Artist Alley at the 2nd Floor of Glorietta 5. Let's get to know more about this multi-faceted artist in this interview:

Who inspired you to start drawing?

Tatay ko ang nag-inspire sa akin. Bukod sa kanya ko nakuha ‘yung skills, siya rin ang nag-introduce sa’kin ng mga mas complex na drawings tulad ng anatomy at perspective.

Did you take any formal lessons?

Nagkaroon lang ako ng formal lesson nang pumasok ako sa UP College of Fine Arts.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
Kadalasan tumitingin lang ako ng artworks ng ibang tao. Tapos ayun, naiinspire na ako.

What tools do you use for your drawings, and what other medium do you enjoy working in but don’t use often?

Lapis at tinta, water-based mediums at computer. Gusto ko sana maglilok.

How long do you usually spend on one artwork?

Depende sa artwork. Pero mas ok kung tatapusin ko siya sa isang upuan lang.

And how do you find the time to draw with a full-time job?

Nagpupuyat ako.

Which artists inspire or intrigue you?

Mga baroque painters.

What projects are you working on?
Sa ngayon, puro commercial project, nag-eedit run kasi ako at nag-aanimate.

What is your most memorable project so far?

Saving Sally, film na hindi pa tapos.

Was there ever a time that you have doubted your creative ability?


How did you overcome it?

Sinusubukan ko. ‘Yung lang ang paraan

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

I-manage mo yung oras mo ng mabuti para nagagawa mo ung gusto mong gawin.

Random question, if you were a superhero, what will be your codename and superpowers?

Random man possessing random superpowers.

Check him out!

For more about Jether Amar, view his works on Facebook. Better yet, meet him and have him sketch on your Marvel blank covers this Saturday, May 31, at 10 am – 2 pm at Night of the Sentinels Sale at Kapow! Universe, second floor, Glorietta 5.