Undecided if you're going to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2? This might help

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is caught in the web of mixed reviews from Pinoy fans. If you plan to shell out more money to see it in 3D or watch it the newly opened cinemas at the Fort, these short reviews might help you decide:

"I gotta say, this one was good. So much feels and graphics and direction for fight scenes were just genius! Script could use a little tweaking but still good. Acting was superb!" - Fred Lo, theater actor.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Good movie. Not great but good movie! Take a closer look at the credits. Awesome tease," Mico Suayan, comic book artist

" I did enjoy Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's on-screen chemistry together, and it made me wish I was watching an altogether different movie with these two actors," Ivan Guerrero, Filbar's

"My honest opinion about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is that it's a obvious upgrade from the first, the dynamic relationship of Gwen (Emma) and Peter (Andrew)  was the movies strongest suit and (considering that I already knew what was going to happen based on the books) it still struck me and had a great emotional impact towards the end. A lot of great action exhilarating sequences from the villains and Spider-Man himself. As a web head fan I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the movie and now eager to see where the 3rd installment leads next," Dio Ortigas, comic book enthusiast.