A few minutes with my idol, John Lloyd Cruz

For someone who wrote an open letter to that imperfect, arrogant Miggy Montenegro, I could have suffered a heart attack when I finally met the actor behind these generally unlikeable but undestandable characters -  the self-destructive Popoy, the martyr JD - in movies that spoke to me.

But I composed myself as he told me to do the interview outside instead because it's hot in the gym, where his new commercial associated with healthy living was being filmed. Yep, my idol said "yes" to ad campaign that would make him fitter and healthier.

It was actually going well, until I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Jerald."

"Hi, Jerald," he said while shaking my hand.

"And I'm John Lloyd." Shocks. What did I just say? He gave me a puzzled look and then I realized that I should admit I am a fan of his work to offset the blunder.

Here are the remaining minutes of my meeting with the awesome actor, who is now challenging himself by bringing a huge change to his health: