Magic Wok - Glorietta: Bug in my soup

I found a bug in a soup served to me by Magic Wok at the Glorietta food court. I immediately looked for its manager and told him about it. He said that they were no longer liable for it once I had brought my tray to my table.

Get this. I was enjoying the soup at the serving area while waiting for my actual ordered meal- Broccoli and Tofu Rice Topping. When I got to the table, the bug - what appears to be a small German cockroach - floated. Apetite lost. Anger management lessons put to a test.

The Magic Wok manager, Buenaflor Oliva, went back to his table and stayed there for a couple of minutes until I asked them why they did not even bother to give me a refund. It was only when a security guard, upon inspecting my soup, asked them to give my money back.

I also asked the Magic Wok manager to put into writing that they would be accountable to whatever effects the soup would had on my body, especially since I was recovering from a flu and was actually wanting to consume a nutritious meal.

The manager of Magic Wok just stayed behind the counter, telling the guard that only the owner of Magic Wok could decide.

I would never go back to Magic Wok again after this horrible experience.