Watch: Heath Ledger's 'Joker Diary'

A clip from the German documentary show "Too Young To Die" showed inside pages of late actor Heath Ledger's diary for his portrayal of The Joker for the movie "The Dark Knight."

The journal contains images of Batman comic books, Joker playing cards and photos of different clowns. The last page of the diary reads "Bye Bye." 

On January 22, 2008, the Australian actor was found dead in his apartment, having overdosed accidentally a  cocktail of prescription drugs.

Watch the clip here:

Here's the translation:
"This is the Joker's diary.
In order to inhabit his character, he (Heath) locked himself up in a hotel room for weeks.
He would do that. He liked to dive into his characters, but this time he really took it up a notch.
The hospital scene is interesting because when he was a kid, his sister Kate liked to dress him up as a nurse. He was really funny like that. He also was in the movie.
This is a make-up test which was done eight months before. Before the end of the shooting he wrote "bye bye" on the back of the page. It was hard to see this."
One could see his dedication to his craft as an actor. It's been 5 years since Ledger died but he gave us arguably the best portrayal of The Joker on screen.

Jerald Uy