Q & A: Comics colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Hey, I've really been busy the past month, covering the campaigns and other national issues. I'm passing the ball to fellow comics geek Ben Borbe for this chat with comics colorist Romulo Fajardo, Jr., one of the amazing artists joining Castle Geek, National Bookstore and Neutral Grounds' Free Comicbook Day on May 4.

Ben, take it away!

Ben: Thanks, Jerald!
Let’s start with the obligatory introduction...in 3 words or less, how would you describe yourself?

RF: A color theorist.

Ben: As one of the good colorists in the country, who have been your influences? When did you first start in this art and what were your earliest subjects?

RF: Laura Martin, John Rauch and Alex Sinclair are my early influences. But Basil Gogos really changed my view when it comes to coloring/painting.

Actually I have no idea or background about comicbook coloring or Filipinos working on comics until I saw Ed Tadeo's website specially his work on High Roads. I was really amazed with his artwork and It made me wanna do the same thing. My first professional job was coloring for Maze Agency with Ariel Padilla doing the artwork.

Ben: An FCBD title is Molly Danger...can you tell us more about it? How was the experience working for this title? How about with Mr. Jamal Igle?

RF: Molly Danger is the story of the world's most powerful 10 year old girl. Kept in constant isolation and watched closely by D.A.R.T. ( Danger Action Response Team). Molly longs for a real life, with a real family, something she's been told she can never have.

I wasn't the first colorist of the project until Jamal asked me to do a test page. Since we've worked on Kiss project before, I didn't hesitate to say yes. It took me a while to get the feel of the book, but Jamal is really patient about it.

As for Jamal, I think my first work with him was the cover of Kiss #1. When Chris Ryall (IDW) told me that he's also working on the interior page and ask I want to color it too. I accepted it cause I really like his style. How he he put those details without compromising the focus of every panels.

Ben: What sort of comics and genre are you reading now? Any specific titles that you love?

RF: I wish I could read comics but my schedule won't permit it. But my wife loves New 52 Wonder Woman. She's into dark, mythological kind of story.

Ben: Do you have any dream projects? A collaboration with any artist if given the chance?

RF: I really don't have any specific comic book character, any book will do. What I really want is to work with Jim Lee, Travis Charest, and Jae Lee. But if doesn't come I'm still honored to work with some of the great talents in the industry.

Ben: Aside from Zenescope and IDW, do you have any upcoming projects that you'd like to share or plug?

RF: Aside from Molly Danger, Danger Girl Trinity, Kiss Solo (IDW), and some covers from Zenescope. I'm working on a kickstarter project called Varney the Vampire and packaging for 30th anniversary of Transformers from Hasbro.

Ben: Thanks for the interview, man! I'm looking forward to see you at the event and have my copy of Molly Danger signed!

And there you have it! 

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY happens on May 4, 2013, Saturday at NATIONAL BOOKSTORE QUEZON AVENUE BRANCH – Quezon Avenue Cor. Scout Borromeo Quezon City. 

This massive event is brought to you by NATIONAL BOOKSTORE, CASTLE GEEK, and NEUTRAL GROUNDS. Opens at 9AM

Check out their Facebook event page for updates.

Jerald Uy