WATCH: Final Trailer | X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Watch the ultimate X-Men ensemble in this final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer now featuring Quicksilver in action and future Wolverine gathering up old X-Men members and villains to stop the threat of the Sentinels.


Otaku Summer Jam 2014: Where Music, Manga and Anime meet

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Official Press Release

Start Time: 10 am  End Time: 6 pm

Watch 15 of the best local Japanese Music bands battle it out onstage at L5R Productions’ very first themed event of the year: the Otaku Summer Jam 2014, to be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at the popular events place, B-Side at The Collective in Makati City. Gates open at 10 in the morning.

While the bands play their J-Rock tunes, join in on the fun and be your favorite character as a cosplayer for the simultaneous Cosplay Competition, or show your creativity and artistic skills in the Fan Art Contest. Prizes await the winners of the three contests. Exhibits and booths offer the latest trends and products within the Anime and Otaku community.

Guest performers are Akihabara Station, Asterysk, Haponesang Dilat, Ikuzo Iwa, Myo Na Hako, and The Squeezers. Veteran cosplayer Dave D’Angelo (more popularly known in his alter ego Master Pogi) will host the event.

The Otaku Summer Jam 2014 is sponsored in part by HBKOR and Paybux App-Team Bagong Umaga. Media partners are INQUIRER.net, JeraldUy.com, Naruto Cosplayers PH, Arkadymac.com, and Deremoe.com. Tickets are PHP150/person.

L5R Productions is a production outfit created in 2003 to help independent bands promote their music and uplift their spirits through the production of music events, providing them with an avenue in which to showcase and hone their talents. After a fruitful decade, L5R continues to cater to the indie music scene and expand into new horizons.

For inquiries, you may contact L5R Productions at l5rproductionsph@gmail.com.


E! presents Fashion Police: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Official Press Release

Fashion Police salutes one of film’s hottest nights with a special episode airing April 16 at 7pm only on E!
Plus special guest singer and TV host Nick Lachey stops by to join the fun!

The Fashion Police team celebrates one of the biggest nights in movies with a special Wednesday edition of Fashion Police: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards. The jam-packed show will recap all of the most-buzzed about fashions seen Sunday night, and of course, always includes the team’s notoriously unfiltered commentary airing April 16 at 7pm only on E!  Sky Cable Channel 57, Cablelink Channel 33 and Cignal Channel 25.

Popular singer and TV host Nick Lachey joins Joan Rivers and her resident fashion gurus – Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos – to recap all of the looks from the star-studded event featuring fan favorite films, actors and musicians. From the best and worst to everything in between, Joan and the team will recap of all the celebrity fashions seen at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards and ultimately decide who sizzled – and who fizzled.

Don’t miss Fashion Police: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards on 16 April at 7pm with an encore presentation in its usual time period, 16 April at 7pmonly on E! Sky Cable Channel 57, Cablelink Channel 33 and Cignal Channel 25.


Forever Blue

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Official Press Release

adidas and Chelsea Football Club Launch 2014/15 Home Kit and Immortalise Players’ Special Moments Forever

London, 4th April 2014 – Introducing “Forever Blue”, the new campaign from adidas and Chelsea Football Club designed to launch the new home kit for the 2014/15 season. Chelsea Football Club and adidas are delighted to unveil the new home kit for the 2014/15 season. 

The launch is accompanied by an exciting new campaign, ‘Forever Blue’, featuring a stunning video in which five Chelsea players are captured in their favourite Chelsea moment and immortalised in unique sculptures. 

Narrated by manager, Jose Mourinho, the video references iconic goals, saves and celebrations that will live long in the memory. It features Petr Cech’s penalty save from Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger which set up our first Champions League success in 2012, Fernando Torres’s opening goal against Benfica in last season’s Europa League final, Gary Cahill’s volleyed strike against Spurs, Oscar’s wonder goal against Juventus and most recently Eden Hazard’s hat-trick against Newcastle in the Premier League. 

The campaign, which follows on from last year's memorable "It's Blue. What else matters?" imagery, sees the players eventually breaking free from their sculptures to reveal the new kit for the 2014/15 season, ready to create many more moments that will be Forever Blue. 

The new shirt is designed using engineered fabric showing contrasting blue tones on the front panel, including a two-tone striped design, and also includes the latest premium adidas technologies such as the industry-leading breathable material – ClimaCool. The design takes inspiration from club kits in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

Chelsea FC Chief Executive Ron Gourlay said: ‘We are very proud to have once again worked with adidas to deliver a standout campaign to launch our new home kit for the 2014/15 season. The creative theme of “Forever Blue” and capturing those memorable moments that will live in the minds of our players and fans is a great way to bring the new kit to life.’ 

Petr Cech added: ‘The players all love to get involved in these campaigns and the idea of being “Forever Blue” is something that everyone at the club can relate to, as we all have our own unique memories from our careers. I know that my moment in the Champions League final will stay with me forever and I am excited to see that my sculpture will help me share that moment with the fans.’

Adidas Brand Director, Nick Craggs comments on the new launch:
“Chelsea Football Club is steeped in history. History is made with every goal, assist, tackle and clean sheet. The players at the club are adding new chapters to the history of the Premier League every week.  Working with the players and identifying their moments over recent years in adidas shirts, we have managed to create a compelling campaign that will remain with the club forever.

“It is not just about wearing the shirt; it’s what you do in the shirt. For the fans. For the team. For the colour and for the future.”

The new kit will be available in the Philippines at leading adidas and Bootcamp stores on April 30.

Fox picks up Leinil Yu's Superior

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Leinil Yu

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Twentieth Century Fox has picked up Superior, a comic book series co-created by Filipino artist Leinil Yu and Scottish writer Mark Millar. Frequent Millar collaborator Matthew Vaughn will produce the adaptation.

Superior tells the story of a 12-year old boy with multiple sclerosis being tempted by a demon to sell his soul and grants him Superman-like abilities to save people's lives.

Mark Millar and the writer

Aside from Superior, Millar also co-created with Yu the comic book Supercrooks,  also set to be adapted into a movie by director Nacho Vigalando.  Other books by Millar that have been brought to the big screens are Kick-Ass and Wanted.

Congratulations Mr. Yu!



#sk2014 Arnold Arre | Secrets of a Komiks King

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Originally published on Komikon News Journal

Arnold Arre has created works spanning genres from romance, fantasy, superhero to detective. How does he stay prolific? Why did he leave Alamat and would we see the Andong Agimat movie soon? 

You don’t necessarily have to work for Marvel. You don’t even have to get the nods of comics luminaries. You can take the route Arnold Arre has taken—work on personal projects, collaborate only with people you can trust and only create your comics when you’re in the zone.

Crave freedom

In 1995, Arre, while in New York, was invited for an interview at Marvel Comics but decided not to go. “It's one of those things you feel in your bones and no one else can convince you otherwise. Looking back, I guess I wanted to be free and to do my own projects at my own pace,” he said.

For that same reason, Arre left Alamat, a group that included award-winning graphic novelists Budjette Tan and Gerry Alanguilan. 

Arnold and wife Cynthia

“I guess like anyone who's part of a group, after a while, you suddenly begin to crave freedom. That was how it was; I wanted to work at my own pace and on my own personal projects. I don't think I would've been able to do all the stuff I've been doing and even pursue animation if I was still part of any group. As an artist, freedom is very important to me,” he shared.

Eventually, those decisions turned to his favor. Arre won several awards and received critical acclaim for his graphic novels Mythology Class, After Eden, Trip to Tagaytay, Martial Law Babies and Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat.  Admitting his flair for one-shot stories, he said that with graphic novels, a reader gets the full story right away, making him feel more satisfied in getting the book.

“Personally I prefer one-shots so I don't have to wait and collect issues. I have the whole story in my hand,” he said. Arre added that reprints of his works will be available soon.  

Mine our culture

Kaninong Anino

To stay prolific, Arre constantly pluck story ideas from his childhood and personal experiences through the years. He and wife would also travel, not only to be exposed to other cultures, but also to become more appreciative of what we have.

Arre stressed that because our culture is very rich, he often draws inspiration from our history, mythology and folk tales.

“Now some of our artists, including myself and several of my friends, are promoting Filipino culture through their work. But my concern is that there are only a few of us and we need help. This means that if other artists are promoting someone else's culture, (whether it's American, Japanese, or European) then unfortunately, it's a plus for those countries, not us,” Arre said.

Arre also reminded artists who are copying a certain look that there is a tendency to imitate the nuances of their culture too. “Again, this is why I always recommend trying to find and develop your own drawing style”
“So to the next generation of comic artists I want to say this—help us. Mine our culture and promote it, we have so many wonderful stories to tell the world.”

Andong Agimat

Reconcile your day job with your passion

Arre does not recommend comics as the only source of income for aspiring Filipino creators. He said that unlike in the US and Japan, the Philippines does not have a thriving publishing industry enough to give a satisfying paycheck. 

But what he learned was that a day job could help him fund his personal projects, improve his storytelling and teach him new skills like marketing his works.

“I took on a lot of design and illustration jobs to fund self-publishing. Fortunately I had a few comic titles that were picked up by Adarna and Nautilus,” Arre recalled.  “Working in advertising also taught me to inject some strategic thinking in terms of marketing, and I guess doing all those storyboards before helped enhance my illustrating and storytelling.”

Write when you are in the zone

Mornings and evening are the perfect time for him to come up with new ideas. “There are also times when I have a really good idea that I can't wait to work on so I jump right into it upon waking up,” Arre shared.
He advised to not force yourself to write when you have writer’s block. Instead, do something that is totally unrelated from comics like listening to music or playing with your cat.

“The good thing about being self-employed is that I don't have a set schedule. I usually play video games or surf the internet in the morning to relax. That usually frees my mind so in the afternoon, I'm ready to start working and that can last until the wee hours of the next morning,” he added.

Work with people you can trust

Arre said that while it is easier now to network with other comic book creators through social media, he is still picky with the people he would be collaborating with

“I've worked with Gerry Alanguilan, Jamie Bautista, Emil Flores, Marco Dimaano and Chris Costello to name a few. We're friends to begin with and I've known them for a long time. There's a lot of trust involved which is most important when you collaborate,” he said.

What’s next for the Komiks King?

Currently, Arre’s Tala Studios has taken a backseat in producing comics since 2009 so he could work on his animation projects under his new company, 1227 Animation.  Arre initially intended to pursue live-action filmmaking. But due to logistics constraints after creating two short films, Arre familiarized himself in making his illustrations move using  a video editing software.

Rey and Jenny from Milkyboy

“I did a test and it ended up being Andong Agimat: Kanya ang Kalye. The response was good and I felt fulfilled because I was doing two things I loved at the same time—drawing and making films. Rock Ed Philippines and the National Historical Commission gave me my first official project, the Kaninong Anino video for Jose Rizal's anniversary. I've been animating since,” he said.

Arre also confirmed that the movie based on his graphic novel, Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat, is still under development and that he is also working on a new animated project that heavily involves Filpino Martial Arts.

At Summer Komikon on April 12, Arre is set to hold a screening of his animated short film, Milkyboy. 
“No, I'm not going to quit creating comics,” the 42-year old comic book creator-animator said in protest. “I actually have some story ideas in the back burner and maybe I'll release them in a few years time.”

Looks like Arnold Arre is earning a new title next to being a Komiks King. 


Question Answered: Oreo is Better Together

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Official Press Release

Rain of Oreos show why Oreo Tastes Better

To beat the oncoming summer heat, well-loved cookie brand Oreo made it rain at the SM Megamall activity center last March 28, 2014. However, instead of a gloomy drizzle, it was a shower of real chocolate cookie and the creamiest creme that make up Oreo cookies.

Oreo recently launched its Better Together campaign, finally answering the question, “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?”

“In Oreo’s over one hundred years of existence, people have been arguing if it’s the real chocolate cookie or the creamiest creme that makes Oreo delicious,” said Oreo Senior Brand Manager Andrei Soriano. “While they are both already so delicious by themselves; Oreo’s real chocolate cookie and creamiest creme are simply better together. That’s why we love Oreos. The distinct taste of its cookie parts makes Oreo really and truly more delicious. ” he concluded.

The SM Megamall Event Center where the big reveal was held was completely decked out in the fresh blue, white, dark brown color-scheme of Oreo. A running tally among people present asked the question “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?” Was it the real chocolate cookie, the creamiest creme, or both?

After an explosive and exciting performance from the Philippine All-Stars, guests were treated to some fun games and activities. The most notable of which was the Oreo dispenser wherein guests were given all the free Oreos they wanted.

Finally to answer the question, “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?” the highlight of the day was revealed. It was a jaw-dropping spectacle, involving two gigantic OREO cookie halves – with the real chocolate cookie and the creamiest creme coming together in a burst of confetti and fanfare to show that Oreos do indeed taste better together!

To the delight of the event-goers, 200 Oreo packs tied to fresh blue balloons fell down from the ceiling and landed amongst the crowd. Special white balloons also gave 3 audience members the prize of a giant Oreo and milk couch set!

This huge and delicious couch set can also be yours plus a 40” Samsung LED Smart TV and an Xbox 360 with Kinect by joining the Oreo Better Together Facebook promo at www.facebook.com/oreogetdunked.ph.

All you have to do is ‘Like’ the OREO Get Dunked Facebook page and click on the Oreo Better Together Promo or go to OreoBetterTogether.com and play. There you can dunk Oreo cookies in a virtual pachinko board to earn points.

To earn cookies to play with, you can either register your details in the game or buy an Oreo Better Together nine-pack in leading stores and supermarkets. Registering will instantly give you 3 free chocolate cookies, while buying an Oreo nine-pack gives you a unique promo code worth 65 cookies. Each Oreo Vanilla creme pack gives you 65 vanilla cookies and each Oreo Chocolate creme pack gives you 65 chocolate cookies. The Oreo nine-pack also comes with a free Oreo notepad.

After loading up on cookies, pick the prize you would like to win. Vanilla cookies unlock the couch set and TV, while Chocolate cookies unlock the couch set and the Xbox 360 with Kinect.

After picking your desired prize, dunk your cookies in the pachinko board. As you dunk your cookies, you earn points for your chosen prize. The more points you have, the higher your chance of winning. The goal is to be number one in the leaderboard to be able to win.

Mondelez Philippines Senior Marketing Manager Anna Sapitan says of the promo and Oreo’s Better Together Campaign, “We Filipinos are naturally joyful, and we value experiencing that joy together with friends and family. That’s very much in tune with the legacy and feelings that Oreo is known to bring out among those who taste it,” she continued.

To find out more about Oreo’s latest campaign and the full mechanics of the Oreo Better Together Promo you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/oreogetdunked.ph.


#sk2014 Preview: Kid Komet 2

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Story and art by:
Lowe Christian Beltran
Published by: 
Hollowpoint Comics
Cover price:
Release date: April 12, 2014
Table A06 (near the stage)
Summer Komikon 2014

From the pages of Funny Komiks, Kid Komet is back to defend Earthea from the ruthless Machine Empire. Originally created by Oliver Page, Lowe Christian Beltran continues the adventures of the medallion-powered hero, Kid Komet. Not only does Kid Komet bring nostalgia to 90s babies, it also stands out among the grim comics mostly produced nowadays. The action-packed second issue sees Kid Komet facing the whirlwind master, Buhawi.


#sk2014 Preview: Sulyap 2

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Creators: AJ Bernardo, Noel Pascual (W), Carlorozy Clemente, Francis Martelino, Jonas Lechuga, JP De Torres, Nino Balita, Ronzkie Pacho Vidal
Published by: 
Komikon Inc.
Cover price: 
P250 (Convention Price)
P300 (Regular Price)
Release date: April 12, 2014
Summer Komikon 2014

Sulyap: A Second Look at Choice Independent Works collects top-selling titles from previous Indie Tiangges and winners of comics creation contests at Komikon.

Cover art by Stephen Segovia

Darwin's Association of Delicious Evilness


Hotdog Prince


Please be careful with my bones


Crime Fighting Call Center Agents


#sk2014 Preview: Kayaw

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Story by:
Steve Magay
Art by:
Published by: 
Hollowpoint Comics
Cover price:
Release date: April 12, 2014
Table A06 (near the stage), Summer Komikon 2014

While the rest of the Philippines have been conquered by the Japanese forces during World War II, young IJA intelligence officer Kamiko is assigned to infiltrate Kalinga protected by its brutal headhunters. Accompanied by the undefeated IJA 78th infantry division, Kamiko ventures off to the mountains.

"Kayaw is an action-packed thriller set in World War II while the country was at war with the Japanese," shares writer Steve Magay. "These mountains were never colonized by any invaders all because of the Kalinga warriors. If Greece had Spartans, we have our own Kalinga headhunters! And now the Imperial Japanese Army have the tenacity to try engaging these brave warriors."

See how this war epic unfolds in the pages of Kayaw available at Table A06 (near the stage) at this year's Summer Komikon on April 12, Saturday.



Q & A: Summer Komikon 2014's Jon Zamar

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Now on its 10th year, Summer Komikon is bigger than ever. Organizer Jon Zamar shares why is this year's Summer Komikon the grandest pop culture event they pulled yet.

How different will Summer Komikon be from last year's events? 

For people who missed the first ever Komikon, it's their chance to experience Arnold Arre and Leinil Yu headlining a Komikon event. For those who have been with us since 2005, it's going to be like a stroll down memory lane sans the heat of the old venue.

New add-ons to the event like film screenings will delight the fans, with Arnold Arre's animated shorts- Andong Agimat: Kanya ang Kalye and Milkyboy, and our featured guest, Macoy's Ang Maskot filling the show roster.

Staples like new releases from our beloved exhibitors, new creators (some old) from the Indie Tiangge and a chance to meet, greet and get sketches from our international roster of artists at the Komik Kalye are still in store for the attendees.

Every year it just steam rolls into something bigger and more fun.

We will also be spotlighting nine of the best creators that have joined the Komikon floor in recent years with the launch of the second Sulyap book. It will feature AJ Bernardo, Noel Pascual, Carlorozy Clemente, Francis Martelino, Jonas Lechuga, JP De Torres, Nino Balita, and Ronzkie Pacho Vidal, and their respective titles in one 188-page package.

How did you choose the titles included in Sulyap? 

Sulyap has always been a showcase of talent that have joined Komikon in one form or the other. Be they participants in the Indie Tiangge or the recent Indiekets, winners from our contests or standouts in the mainhall exhibitors. These creators caught our attention and we want them to catch the attention of others as well. Part of our self imposed mandate is to help creators like them get a wider audience and with plans of distributing their material to a more mainstream avenue like bookstores and bringing the book with us on our provincial and international trips we hope we can open more people's eyes to the diversity new komiks offer.

Why should people check out this year's Summer Komikon?

If you like komiks, you like talking about komiks, you like people that like komiks, you should get go to Bayanihan Center this April 12, 2014. Summer Komikon is for people like you.

There's just too many must-read titles. to mention. Of course, Sulyap 2: A Second Look at Choice Independent Works will be launched by Komikon Inc. at the event. Visprint also will be releasing a virtual who are the best comic creators in the industry right now with their Abangan anthology as edited by Carljoe Javier, Adam David, Elbert Or and Rob Cham. Also Manix Abrera's new Kikomachine book and Mervin Malonzo's Tabi po will be out. Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre's Rodskie Patotski is also going to be release there, and its in full color! Also I heard Codename: Bathala is finally releasing its final issue, how cool is that? (You could erase that last sentence.)

Theres a lot to look forward to, and I'm missing a lot, I posted a partial list of new releases and its just hard to take in. New books by FL3, Tepai Pascual and JP Palabon, there just too many to mention. How will I ever get enough cash to buy all of that?  

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Preview: Minkowski Space Opera # 1
- Win a copy of Lagimbal #1 by Patrick Enrique #sk2014


Win a copy of Lagimbal #1 by Patrick Enrique #sk2014

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Giveaway Alert

Win a copy of Lagimbal by Patrick Rawrr Enrique in 4 easy steps:

1. Like Lagimbal Facebook page
2. Like Jerald Uy Facebook page
3 Share the image found in the link publicly on your timeline/wall.
4. Comment "done" on original thread.

The winner will be chosen via random number picker on Friday, April 11 at 12 nn.

Lagimbal tells the story of a gun-toting aswang hunter who is preparing for the coming apocalypse.Grab a copy of Lagimbal from the Chain Mason booth, Tables (A27-a28) at Summer Komikon this Saturday, April 12 at Bayanihan Center in Pasig City.

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Preview: Minkowski Space Opera # 1
Q & A: Summer Komikon 2014's Jon Zamar


Pildera Connect: A blunt and silent landmark of reality and reflection

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Official Press Release

In the unique tradition of street art, gritty visuals transform spaces into artistic landmarks and markers of community engagement. It is a language defined by contact, dialogue and exchange. At the heart of which lies human relationships- the inspiration for street artists such as Blic.His art depicts personal and social experiences- a creative response, expanding and collapsing, to the yearning of public spaces and specific sites. Blic brings to life “sub-cities”, familiar and storied public spaces with his street art icon, a hand or a pair of hands, which hints at a language of its own.

Pildera is an obscure enclave in Pasay City. It is no exception to the precarious and dire conditions found in a “megapolis”. It is a stark reminder of neglect, disparity, contradiction and the drama of social change. In Pildera, the economic and social divides are evident not only in the make-up of community dwellings but also amidst the interaction of people living in specific spaces.

Blic painted this wide mural on a wall behind a church and near a basket- ball court by a derelict Padefo. The Padefo, a day-care center turned urban ghetto inhabited by informal settlers, is the focal point of the mural. Beyond the frustrations of urban angst, the mural wistfully illustrates the possibility of rising out of destitution.

Blic’s pair of hands represents two choices- one, the immediate benefit of a “home” for the settlers in the abandoned edifice and the other, the gains from the educational services once provided at the Padefo where some, as Blic notes, “moved on, rather than remained stuck”. Moreover, the mural is a story of survival and adapting to change.

Blic, a self-taught artist, revels in the canvass of the streets and the open. Shaped by face-to-face encounters of the many around him, absorbing the raw and ‘live’ nuances as he draws and, even for that fleeting moment, sharing the identity of that space, Blic creates a visual personal take. And regardless of whether his work is welcomed with curiosity, aversion or indifference, he dedicates his art to the community around. It is the freedom to learn in situ, telling the story in his own way,and encouraging others to reflect and debate that matters most.

Pildera Connect began perchance when Jeetendra Marcelline, an admirer of urban street art and the works of Basquiat, was introduced to Blic on social media.  Blic’s talent and icon captured his imagination as did Teo Esguerra’s film photography skills and Lukan Villanueva’s film making ability- inspiringhim to produce the exhibit of art, photography and film as part of his efforts to document “fringe” art in the Philippines.

For more information, please get in touch with Philip Paraan at 0915 205 33 82

LBC connects OFWs in Bahrain

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Official Press Release

According to the most recent figures, it is estimated that there are 10.4 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) employed in over 27 countries across the world, with 2.8 million of them based in the Middle East. This figure is a testament to the adaptability, diligence, and competence of the Filipino, as well as their selflessness in providing for their families.

In order to better serve the needs of these modern-day heroes, LBC Express – the largest courier, cargo, and money remittance service company in the Philippines – recently opened their first branch in the island nation of Bahrain. Executives of Bahraini partner HAA Alaali Ventures were on-hand at the launch event, along with LBC Express’ chairman Carlos Araneta, president Fernando Araneta, senior vice-president of international operations Rene Fuentes, and guest of honor Sahid S. Glang, the Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain.

“There are approximately 65,000 Filipinos living in Bahrain, and by connecting with each of them, we also provide them the opportunity to connect with their loved ones at home,” Araneta enthused. “It can be difficult to live overseas, but we are proud of how LBC has continued to bridge the gap between families,” he further noted. Special introductory rates on shipping were then announced, to the appreciation of the Filipino community present.

In order to round out their services, LBC likewise partnered with Zenj Exchange in Bahrain, to offer the most competitive money remittance rates to the Philippines.

For more information and a complete list of the countries serviced please visit: www.lbcexpress.com .


Summer Komikon 2014 Survival Tips

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Make your Summer Komikon experience on Saturday, April 12, free of stress with these survival tips.

1. Expect heavy traffic.

We're not talking about the volume of people attending Summer Komikon here. According to MMDA, DPWH is conducting reblocking and road repair projects this weekend, starting at 10 pm of April 11 to 5 am of April 14.

Affected areas are:

- Along EDSA in front of Urdaneta Village, Ayala (Southbound, 5th lane), Makati City
- Along EDSA between Pasay Road and Magallanes (Southbound, 5th lane), Makati City
- Along EDSA between Taft Avenue and Park Avenue (Southbound, 5th lane), Pasay City
- Along EDSA before Aurora tunnel (Southbound, 5th lane), Pasay City
- Along EDSA before J.P. Rizal ramp (Northbound, 4th lane), Makati City

Here's a map to the Bayanihan Center:

Instructions on how to get to Bayanihan Center:


Option 1
-Ride any bus going to EDSA.
-Get off at BONI, Robinson’s Mall Pioneer.
-Ride a tricycle at the mall’s terminal. Ask to be brought to Bayanihan Center (near Pioneer Center)

Option 2
-Ride any bus going to Crossing Ibabaw.
-Get off at Crossing/EDSA Central and walk towards Shaw Boulevard.
-Ride a jeep going to Pasig until you see Tropical Hut / 10Q.
-Ride a tricycle going to Bayanihan Center or take a walk along the sidewalk.

MRT 3:

Option 1
-Get off at Boni Station.
-Go to Robinson’s Mall Pioneer.
-Ride a tricycle to Bayanihan Center (near Pioneer Center)

Option 2
-Get off at Shaw Boulevard Station.
-Go up the escalator/stairs at the right side of station (if you came from Makati) to EDSA Central.
-Go up the escalator/stairs at the leftt side of station (if you came from Quezon City) to EDSA Central.
-Walk down towards Shaw Boulevard.
-Ride a jeep going to Pasig until you see Tropical Hut / 10Q.
-Ride a tricycle going to Bayanihan Center or take a walk along the sidewalk.

FX from Manila (Quiapo):
-Ride a Quiapo – Magamall FX.
-Get off at the corner of One San Miguel Street.
-Walk along Shaw Blvd. until you see Tropical Hut / 10Q (one block away) on the other side of the street.
-Ride a tricycle going to Bayanihan Center or take a walk along the sidewalk.


(From south of EDSA)
-Turn right at the corner of Robinson’s Mall Pioneer, that is PIONEER STREET.
-Go straight to Bayanihan Center located at the left side of the street.

(From north of EDSA)
-Turn right at Starmall (Crossing Ibabaw).
-Make a U-Turn to Shaw Blvd.
-Go straight and turn right when you see Tropical Hut / 10Q (Pioneer Street).
-Look for Bayanihan Center to your right.

(From North of EDSA Option 2)
-From EDSA go to Ortigas flyover (Robinson’s Galleria).
-Turn right at Meralco Ave.
-Turn right at Dona Julia Vargas.
-Turn left at San Miguel Avenue (to Lourdes School, Mandaluyong).
-Turn left at Shaw Blvd.
-Turn right when you see Tropical Hut / 10Q. You have now reached Pioneer Street.
-Look for Bayanihan Center on your right side.

*Paid Parking is available at the Bayanihan Center, and at Pioneer Grill and Pioneer Center across the street.

2. Secure your belongings.

Thefts have been reported in the past, including one of the organizers' colleagues losing her laptop. It is best to only bring gadgets that you would only need. The comic convention is not the right place to brandish your latest tech.

In reverse, do not steal artworks, comics and other merchandise when the exhibitor is not looking, unless you want to serve some jail time. Thanks to Pasig Police that they have delegated officers at the con.

3. Don't sell stuff in the parking lot.

Despite your innocent intentions, it can hurt some of the exhibitors who paid for space at the Bayanihan Center.

4. Prepare a shopping list.

Listing down your target comics to buy budgets your money and saves your time. The image below shows some of the new releases at Summer Komikon. I also shared 6 top picks on Coconuts Manila.

5. Prepare exact cash.

Bring lots of coins, too. Don't stress yourself and the seller looking for exact change. 

6. Smile and be polite.

Stress levels are high at the jam-packed event so keep your negative remarks and unsolicited advice to a minimum. 

7. Don't ask for a quick sketch for the purpose of selling it on EBay.

Pencillers like Leinil Yu and Mico Suayan had experienced this. It is disrespectful to them as artists.

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