Opinion | DC Super Heroes Café PH needs to address workplace gossip

There are advantages of going incognito outside press launches and sponsored dinners in establishments. You will see how cafés and restaurants treat their customers on a regular day.

Last Monday, I visited DC Super Heroes Café in SM Megamall for the first time. There were about three customers at the time, including me. I was seated near the cashier and the serving area where the staff would huddle. The other customers - a mother and her child - were seated in another area of the café. 

I tried the Flash-themed meringue tart and the Wonder Woman-themed berry milkshake. I knew that the prices were hefty so it was not a big deal to burn cash. I honestly enjoyed what I ordered. I have to try the rest of the menu to gauge the overall quality of their food. I also had qualms about the music they were playing although a Smallville fan corrected me that The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go” was part of the said Superman series’ OST.

I wish I could say more positive things about the service. Without going into detail, I feel bad about how I overheard conversations between workers that a customer should not be hearing. Posting about their complaints about their colleagues and manager, and the establishment’s financial standing may be misinterpreted as matter-of-fact so I rather not include them.

But whether the things I heard were true or not, employees should make sure that the dining environment is free from negativity. If they do not think that what they want to say should be heard by strangers — customers (not to mention those who run blogs), they should keep their mouths shut or go inside a private room. Downtime does not also give them license to gossip about their workplace or their manager.

I could not take the negativity I was hearing so I decided to leave after finishing the desserts. My original plan was to stay there for dinner to finish some work. I left my graphic novel on the table though and one of the staff members was kind enough to bring it to me as I rushed my way outside.

The management may also look for ways to boost the workers’ morale. Negativity in the workplace is like poison and it may, figuratively speaking, reflect on the food and the service.


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