What the Jollibee ads reveal about Pinoys' saving habits

Just sharing thoughts on Jollibee ads...

Those Jollisavers TVCs (web series and running anime and mecha-inspired ads) form a paradox.

The characters aren't really saving money.

They ran out of it because they did not budget their money days ahead of their payday. So they're having Jollisavers because they did not save, not because they wanted to save. It becomes a reactive, quick-fix solution.

Yuppies can earn a decent salary but they still can't seem to get out of the vicious cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Please don't start with me that these are breadwinners or they have a parent with cancer off-cam. The tagline "Sarap Payday Everyday" implies people have a lifestyle that they cannot afford. 

I think that's the sad truth we're missing in the ads. Most Pinoys are financially illiterate, like those characters in the Jollibee ads. They come across as predatory, feeding on people's desperation rather than empowering them to be resourceful when it comes to budgeting their money.