Movie Review: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?

When testimonials aired on TV were saying that the movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?" would make you forget your worries after watching it, I had doubts. I mean, how could an adaptation of a book be worth your time if one of the reasons author Ramon Bautista pointed as why the apple of your eye was not into you was that your horoscope signs were not compatible?

But I was proven wrong. I found myself laughing scene after scene. My favorite part was Angeline Quinto's cameo as broken-hearted singer Tangerine, finding a companion-mirror image-duet partner in Kim Chiu's character, Sandy.

Ramon Bautista portrays himself, a taxi driver-love consultant who constantly breaks the fourth wall as Xian Lim's character, Alex, teaches Sandy how to get over her ex. Alex though has his own ghosts from his past to deal with. I salute the filmmakers, led by director Joyce Bernal, for being able to pull off this kind of narration, which actually made the movie instructional for those flunking in matters of the heart.

What I found unbelievable was the overly dramatic scenes between Sandy's mother, portrayed by Pokwang and her kids. This subplot was not paced well and could be left out.

On the other hand, Freddie Webb's character, "Chief," Alex's grandfather was lovable. "What is wrong with failure?" he asks an agitated Alex. "Paulit-ulit na lang. What's the point of even trying?" his grandson replies. Forgive me if I don't remember the exact words but that one was the most powerful scenes in the movie.

The movie's strength, of course, lied heavily on the broken-hearted Sandy, who stayed overnight in the office to clean the whole floor, got mistaken for a ghost in the restroom and punched her boss, not for being laid off, but because she saw her ex on him. The audience was laughing the whole time but perhaps, we were laughing at ourselves, too. Because Sandy reminded us of how we could make a fool out of ourselves because of love.

- Jerald Uy

Here's the trailer of the movie:

I also liked the movie's theme song interpreted by Zia Quizon:


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